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Launching the JupyterHUb AMI in EC2

  1. Log in to AWS with a user with administrative privileges
  2. Navigate to the JupyterHub AMI listing on the AWS Marketplace
  3. Click Continue to Subscribe
  4. Click on Accept the Terms (it might take 1 or 2 minutes for AWS to accept the offer).

    Note that there is no charge for subscribing to this offering only when launching an EC2 instance.

  5. Once you are subscribed click Continue to Configuration

  6. On the Configure this software page, select the AWS region where the EC2 instance will reside and click Continue to Launch
  7. On the Launch this software page, you can configure the Instance type, VPC, subnet, Security Group, and keypair

    You can also select Launch through EC2 under Choose Action, to use the regular EC2 flow

  8. Finally click on Launch

Now go to the EC2 Dashboard and locate the recently launched EC2 instance.

Copy the public IP address and open it in a browser and you should now see the JupyterHub UI.


Note that the UI might take a couple of minutes to start the first time while it's configuring the services and creating the first user. Also, be sure to use HTTP and not HTTPS.

JupyterHub login

Accessing JupyterHub

After clicking Sign in with KeyCloak you will be sent to KeyCloak where you can log in to JupyterHub using the default user:

  • Username: jupyterhub-admin
  • Password: Instance ID of the EC2 instance, for example i-0b3445939c749244c

KeyCloak login

You will now be redirected to JupyterHub and your Jupyter session will start, you will now see the Jupyter Lab UI.

Jupyter Lab